Jul 7, 2010

What is CMS?

Ever thought what if there is no CMS?

Too much work to be done manually, such as posting an article that can only be one person, the article must be formatted manually, interaction was minimal facilities like web visitor polls, ads, etc. manually. increasingly complex because of the difficulty, finally CMS solutions.

What is a CMS or content management system contains a very broad sense. Yanga CMS content and management means managing content, such as add, modify and delete as well as other management arrangements that can do this and who did not (right user).

What is the content? means very broad and not limited. possible picture, an article (written), videos and other content that is in the public web site.

In one day managed website design and even change the template in minutes, and articles can be added by visitors.

Thanks to creative people who make a passionate open source CMS like joomla. Now create a professional website with cheap and even free.


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