Jul 11, 2010

What is SEO?

How to get visitors from search engines?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, commonly called SEO is a series of processes carried out systematically in order to increase the volume and quality of traffic through search engine traffic to specific web sites by exploiting the working mechanisms or the search engine algorithms.
The goal of SEO is to place a website on top position, or at least the first page of search results based on certain keywords that are targeted. Logically, a web site which occupies the top position on search results has a greater opportunity to get visitors. In line with the growing use of internet as a media network business, the need for SEO is also increasing.

In the top position of search results will increase the chances of a web-based marketing company to gain new customers. The opportunity was utilized a number of parties to offer search engine optimization services for companies who have a business base on the internet. So it is clear why there are sites that appear at the top and why that are shown on the last page? Because search engines have a very complicated algorithm before the sorting site in accordance with the keyword which is input by the user. How can our site is on top of the page? There are several ways to help the positioning of the first SEO.


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