Sep 4, 2010

Add Popular Post (Popular article) On page

The most popular example of this post you can see in tabmenu popular, 10 most popular articles. more and more a response to the article will be placed on top. No matter whether the comments were written by himself or others. I must thank the makers of this script is the most popular posts Abu Farhan, who has been told that this script is the result of his work, because I do not know where the source of origin of this script. I got from a friend. If you're interested in him, just follow these steps:
  1. From the dashboard page, select Posting - Edit Page
  2. Click New Page and select HTML
  3. Enter (copy- paste) the following script (use Control C):
<script language="javascript">
<script style="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  • titlebold = Title of the article. If you want to display the article title in bold, replace it with false true.
  • numpost = Number of articles made referensi.
  • maxshowresult = Maximum of articles displayed. You can change it to less or more than 10.
  • explanation = Description. You can change the response to comments, comment, comments, komeng, or you can also empty. 
  • home_page = site address. 

Replace Blogname with your blog name. But, do not make http://! 
When finished, save the results and say Alhamdulillah ... 
Well, good luck.....


Blog Bisnis Muklis said...

Askum, wr wb, thanks for this tips, before this month is gone,I will say happy ied 1431 H, May Allah's blessings fill your heart and home with happiness and peace, today and always. Please forgive me for anything, wassalam wr wb

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