Sep 3, 2010

How To Change Domain Name / Address Blog?

There are less satisfied and want to change the address of his blog. Relax, you can change the name of your blog in a short time (depending on availability). Maybe you already know this, but maybe there is still not yet know how. Simply follow the steps below. 

   1. Go to
2. Click on Settings which is under the blog title
3. Select the Publish menu
4. Type the new blog address   5. Type the text that appears in the Word Verification
6. Save changes

This way you'll keep the blog address ends with subdomains. Blogspot. To change it in accordance with the desire (without end. Blogspot), for example:, you can do with custom domains hosted on But this is certainly not free. To be able to do so you will be charged 10 USD per year.


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