Sep 18, 2010

What is Joomla?

So many articles and definitions about joomla, this is one that I took from cuase it's joomla develovment team. After I tried joomla, Joomla is amazing. Do you want to try register here

Joomla! is a free, award-winning content management system written in PHP which is allows users to easily publish their content on the world wide web and intranets. Joomla is created as an open-source project where individuals and teams contribute their skills to its development as well as its supporting systems.

While Joomla is packed with features, its greatest quality is that it is extremely extensible. Because of its extensible structure, there aren't many things you cannot do with Joomla!. A short list of some important features of Joomla! are the following:
  • Page Caching
  • Web Indexing
  • RSS Feeds
  • Printable Page Versions
  • Newsflashes
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • Calendars
  • Website Searching
  • Language Internationalisation.
Project Site
Demo Site
End-User Documentation
Developer Network
Extension Directory
Joomla is released under the GNU General Public License.


What's in a name?

The name Joomla! is a phonetic spelling for the Swahili word "Jumla", which means "all together" or "as a whole". It was chosen as the entire team behind Mambo was unanimous in their commitment to protecting the interests of the project and community.

This name was chosen from thousands of recommendations by the community, and even went through an arduous review session by branding and marketing professionals who also felt that Joomla! was the best choice of the lot.

What sets Joomla! apart from the rest is our dedication to keeping things as simple as possible while providing the most features possible. Finally, non-technical people can have complete control over their websites without paying exorbitant amounts for closed, proprietary software.

Joomla! is more than just software, it is people. The community behind Joomla! includes developers, designers, systems administrators, translators, content writers, and most importantly the end users. We welcome you to our community, and look forward to the future with great excitement!


Health said...

I've been using joomla. It is very easy to use joomla in addition supported by free modules, joomla cms content is also one of the best I have ever used besides

The downside of security joomla is very easy to be penetrated by the hands of ignorant. I myself have experienced it.
Read phonetically

Samuel said...

i use joomla too...hehehe

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