Sep 3, 2010

What's Alexa Rank?

What is and what it is for alexa rank for your website? Alexa rank is a rank given to a website based on traffic or the number of visitors.

Data obtained by the traffic or visitors is taken from alexa alexa toolbar installed on each user's internet browser. Besides traffic, there are also some other factors in improving alexa ranking.

Unlike PageRank, Alexa rank or Alexa rank every website is different. Alexa ranking of a website / blog can be up to tens of millions. Obviously the fewer numbers contained in the alexa rank, the higher the mean rating alexanya.

Alexa rank did not affect the SEO, but it certainly could build prestige alexa rank and indicates the popularity of your website. Additionally, if your website has a very high Alexa ranking, you already can be called a webmaster.


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