Feb 21, 2011

Autoblogging Information

By Silace Greene

The true driver of traffic for any autoblog is the level of uniqueness for the content. The level of uniqueness for your content is one of the biggest factors in determining your search engine rank. Non-unique content often ends up on the second page of google. This is simply because, without the unique content, the site is classified as a secondary source of information.

Sources of Unique Content

Given this fact and the dearth of availability for unique autoblog content, where do you find it? After all, it is designed to pull data from another source on the web. Depending on your site design and goals, there are three ways to make the content on your auto blog site unique. The first is simply use pluging that translate the content into multiple different languages, then back to the original. Although this method does not completely change your autoblog articles, it does help to offset some of the content.

Unique Article Wizard

Another, and better, option is to use the Unique Article Wizard plugin which spins the content before posting it to your blog. This plugin is a must-have for article marketers and autobloggers as it allows you to post relatively unique content consistently to your blog.

The Unique Article Wizard service is mutually beneficial to both writers and autobloggers as it creates backlinks for the authors and provides unique content for autobloggers.

One final source of good, although not unique, content is PLR articles. Depending on your niche, there is a never-ending supply of basic content out there that has relatively low levels of syndication. You just need to spend some time searching to find it.

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