Feb 17, 2011

Google Places SEO

By Byron Solari

Local optimizing for Google places needs to be of major focus as the new 2011 ranking algorithm maintains local business listings as the de-facto search criteria. Yahoo local, Microsoft's Bing local also address local search engine optimization as a service they will also bring into focus as much as Google has. SEO firms using traditional SEO tactics are not fully geared for the radical geographical changes in search indexing. Weekly and daily changes in Google places ranking affect even the highest ranking websites with thousands of backlinks. Some of the local services for local listings ,review sites and local directories for medical, restaurants, and legal services are below

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Local Google optimizing starts with listing keywords to your local listing in Google places. Do not over emphasize your major target keywords as Google will only list it for a few days and then drop the listing slowly down. It is a temptation to over zealously list keywords in the title but if you are patient in your local optimization it will list you for many top keywords if you enlist a good strategy between website titles and local listing titles. If you list " SEO Los Angeles " the term may actually not appear as you are overemphasizing a small term in local search, better "local seo company Los Angeles"

The maps feature in google has been around a long time and optimizing this is the same as it has always been. Local geographical indexing can be optimized with video photos and text like any website. SEO companies that are stuck with the concept of SEO alone will be left behind in the new marketing sphere of social media marketing ans local search engine marketing. Many businesses have been slow to embrace social media as a viable selling commodity to get clients. We have gathered real clients from social media sites like facebook for medical and legal services. Getting leads from social media can be more interactive than passive SEO alone which is dependent on random clicks by any user.

The link between social networks and Google places is the right way to begin local search engine optimizing. Twitter and facebook and many other social sites are moving to local search as a new way to promote businesses within their huge Google potential as search engines algorithms continue to evolve. this trend in social media meets local marketing will grow in the next few years to dominate many current search keywords. TV and print were the de facto forms of advertising only a decade ago. The coming wave of changes in Google and social media will define marketing strategies for business not just in the future but at this moment.

Using the Google places feature with is free can save you $1000s of dollars in SEO company fees. Some SEO firms rely on client inability to see what is going on in marketing. If you see your website is on page one for a few terms you figure this is the best that can be done right? If you are a professional service or business like an attorney or doctor, plastic surgeon, lawyer, law firm, whatever if you are paying over five thousand dollars for SEO you better check what you are really getting.Their are SEO firms in major cities like Los Angeles that offer attorney SEO, social media and local search optimization under two grand.

The Google places feature is important for your SEO company to optimize. It is actually paramount to keeping your business found in local searches where terms like " Los Angeles search engine optimization" are required to rank in the Los Angeles area.

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