Feb 11, 2011

Simple And Pain Free Solutions For Night Sweats

By Emmet Plano

You are sleeping very comfortably and wake up to find yourself sweating very much and your pyjamas soaked in sweat a sign that you had a night sweats. Women are more prone to night sweats during their menopausal period, but the problem affects both men and women alike. It is also connected to sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

It is possible to sleep the entire night but wake up the next day feeling exhausted, with chest pains and as in case you stayed awake the entire night. Your mind was sleeping, but your body was awake and dealing with conditions like troubles with your heart, heartburn, nightmares, alcoholism, tension, obesity, and even cancer or tuberculosis can cause night sweats. In some instances it's just the side effect of medicines that you take just before going to bed. Going to your family doctor and discovering out what is the cause of your night sweats is the very first step to take it under control and bring back peace to your nights.

Sage tea is really a great answer for women within the menopause that suffer from night sweats. It'll help your body sleep extra relaxed throughout the night and much less agitated. It's also rather great and soothing to drink a hot cup of sage tea just before going to bed, you'll sleep like a baby. It's also incredibly straightforward to do, sage leaves are straightforward to discover and acquire, and then you just need to leave 1 or 2 in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes, let it cool and drink you sage tea before sleeping. You'll be able to add a bit of honey to add sweetness. It is possible to safely do this every night until the problem goes away.

Other teas like red clover, black cohosh or lico rice roots, are also herbal teas that work well to control your night sweats. Soy milk and tofu may also calm your body, in case you eat them frequently it is possible to control your night sweats by way of your natural diet. Primrose, either in natural oils, supplements or capsules are also recognized natural remedies to fight back night sweats.

During the night you should wear absorbent and light nightwear, cotton based pyjamas are fantastic to deal with night sweats. Don't smoke, don't drink too much alcohol and caffeine, and keep away from too much refined sugar, these will only make increase your night sweat problem. Don't use saunas or hot baths; they'll also make worse your night sweats by enlarging the pores in your skin.

Do normal exercise, but without overdoing it. Enough to keep you healthy, but don't require you to exercise like you might be preparing for a marathon. Just before sleeping, do some exercises like deep breathing, meditation or yoga, to smooth your heart beat and calms your body to help it control your night sweats. As you meditate, try to let go of any stressful situations that you've to deal with, any resentment or worries needs to be solved before to going to bed.

Lose weight and don't eat too much sugar, eat healthy food and frequently exercise, keep problems at bay by meditating and solving them promptly and wear excellent absorbent pyjamas to bed, with these easy ideas you'll have the ability to control your night sweats and sleep like a baby once more.

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