Feb 4, 2011

WordPress is the finest of all hosts

By Guy Mccasland

Great effort is asked from anyone that wants to run their own business. You probably hired someone to create and manage your website instead of you. Even though you thought that this was a smart idea, you found yourself dominated by that person, as he controls your website. He charges you for any updates you want on your own website, and it almost feels as you are his employee. If you want to manage your own website, WordPress hosting has a lot to show you.

The most popular tool for blogging is WordPress. It is also a wonderful System for Content Management. With it you can build your website and along with it you can build your blog. The good thing about this platform is that it is free.

CMS or Content Management System will help you to design, manage and keep your pages updated on your site. You can change the function of the WP, from the host for blogging to a manager of your site. If you use this publishing system, you will gain recognition, because it is ranked very high all the time.

It helps your web business by providing great tools for optimization for search engines. You can update your contents very easily and as many times you like. With this platform you do not need to know entire HTML code your Webmaster probably told you about. With its simple, yet very rich text editor you can see exactly what the final look of your website is before you publish it. This helps you, eliminating the need to buy HTML editing software like Adobe Dreamweaver.

You have a wide selection of themes and plugins, if you use this platform. Some of them include polls and surveys, ratings, contact forms and many more. You have a choice to look at the large library of WP and to select a theme. It has the best support, if you have questions concerning the website design and hosting. You can have access to the personnel at the technical support, to many developers and forums.

It makes the right choice as it can be used for easy ecommerce. For your shoppers you could add application of PayPal. You could also use the feature of the shopping cart and to sell digital products, you could use the WordPress eStore. You could share the text on networking sites and you could add links to social pages, favorite bookmarking sites and RSS feed. The visitors could share your website with others.

If you want to solve the problem of your current web hosting, you should think about WP as a solution to your problems. It is recommended that you avoid Webmasters, which will perform the things that you can do by yourself and you should have the control of your site, starting from today. You could connect to your blog an online shop and by that you could start your SEO campaign by opening an account, which is absolutely free.

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