Mar 3, 2011

Google Android Versus Apple IPad The Battle Keeps Going Samsung Galaxy Tab Ensures That.

By Ramitin Goodman

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch slate designed and built to compete with the current so far unchallenged market leader, the Apple iPad.

There have of course already been a number of previous Android tablets available on the market, but Samsung's Galaxy Tab is the indeed the first of it's species which can really stand up to and qualify as a serious contender.

Have a look at how the Galaxy Tab spec differs from the iPad and see for yourself the qualities inherent in the impressive Galaxy Tablet as it stands up to it's rival.

In short, one could summarize that the Galaxy Tab is a smaller and lighter machine although it is very likely, as rumors circulating abound that even bigger versions will be coming to the marketplace without any delay. Samsung's Galaxy Tab has in fact got the same processor speed but twice the amount of RAM as it's rival. Just the same as the Apple iPad, the Galaxy Tab ships with various different options for it's internal storage. Although in addition however, it also supports up to 32 giga bytes of expandable storage, whereas the Apple iPad is limited to just it's internal storage space only.

The Galaxy Tab has an impressive two cameras - one rear-facing 3.2 mega pixel camera and one front-facing 1.3 mega pixel camera for video chatting - whereas the current iPad models don't have any camera. Samsung claims up to 7hrs of video playback for it's Galaxy Tab. Apple says the iPad can last up to 10hrs.

With regards to software, the Galaxy Tab's Android 2.2 operating system gives this device quite a few selling points which Apples iPad just can't claim, which include support for Adobe Flash, fully-featured multitasking, and un-restricted access to applications (whereas Apple is famous for censoring all sorts of material - as far ranging as politically slanted satire to swimsuit clad ladies - and of course Apple is also infamous for banning apps which provide functions such as free tethering and customization of the operating system.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab was launched in Europe and the U.S. shortly after. Here are some of the specifications. Compare and Contrast the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the Apple iPad.

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