Jul 13, 2010

Changing Ways by CO.CC Free Domain to Blogspot

Continuing the post way co.cc domain setting, this time I will be giving a tutorial blogspot about how to alter or change the blogspot domain to co.cc.
For those of you who have blogs on blogger with long names may be able to try a free domain name from co.cc. But remember, if you have your blog alexa rank high and have good at SEO, you should think about it again to change your blogspot domain.

Simply follow the tutorial below.
  1. Log in to your account. If you have not signed up, see how the registration here.
  2. Select the domain to be used.
    Pilih domain
  3. Clik Set up Botton.
    Set up domain co.cc
  4. Coose Zone Records.

Zone Records

In this section you will start doing co.cc. domain settings The steps are not difficult. You just need a little patience because the changes do not happen immediately.The following settings.Host, fill with your co.cc domain name (do not forget to use the www). 
TTL, let it remain a D.Type, 
select CNAME. 
Value, type ghs.google.com.

Zone Records CO.CC
After that go to the settings in blogger. Follow the instructions on blogspot co.cc domain settings below.
  1.   Log into your blogger account.
  2.   Select the Settings menu (Settings) »Publishing (Publish).
  3.   Click on the Custom Domains.
  4.   Click on Switch to advanced settings

.Custom domain blogspot

5. In Your Domain column, fill in your co.cc domain name was (still with www).6. Finally the contents of the column and save the Word Verification.

Simply leave it at that I replace with co.cc. blogspot domain After completion of the tutorial above, your blog could not be opened for a while.
The time required to access the blog with your new domain name is usually only briefly. Maybe just a few minutes or several hours, a maximum of two days.
Tutorial using complete screenshots can be viewed directly here.
Good tries, good luck!


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