Jul 14, 2010

How to Update / Extend CO.CC Free Domain

As usual domain, co.cc also should be extended. Many of the states to extend the required fee co.cc domain, but it is not, the extension is still a free co.cc domain.
Only, there is one condition that must be met, that your domain must be used for personal rather than commercial. The problem, concerning the personal or commercial appraisal was not given a detailed explanation. But, should you try first.
For those of you who want to extend or to renew your co.cc domain name, please follow the tutorial below.
  1. Log into your account by clicking on the writings co.cc Returning user, sign in here on top menubar.
  2. Click writings renew the domain to be extended.
    Perpanjang domain co.cc
  3. Select Personal, and tick marks If the purpose is not personal
    Renew domain co.cc
  4. Clik Continue botton.
You now have extended domain. You can directly access them, you do not have to wait as the first use co.cc. domain


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