Aug 19, 2010

How to Change Favicon in Blogger

Favicon is the icon / image located at the address bar of a web browser. Any sites or blogs usually have a favicon.

In blogspot, favicon made in the form of orange-colored logo blogger. Favicon This can not be replaced simply by setting / settings. So what if you want to change / modify this favicon?

Actually how to change blogger favicon is quite easy. You can replace it through the editing layout. Here's the tutorial.

1.   Log into your blogger account.
2.   Select the menu layout »Edit HTML.
3.   Find the code below.
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
4.   Copy-paste the following code under the code earlier. 

<link href='url-picture' rel='shortcut icon'/>
Replace red text with a url of an image that will be used as a favicon.
5.   Save the template.

When you've done editing, now see the result. If you do it right, the favicon will appear in the address bar, the left side of your blog's URL.

Good Luck!


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