Aug 17, 2010

How to Create Recent Post Via Feed

How to make a recent post or posts on blogger must already know a lot. But of the many bloggers, of course there is not yet known, especially for the newly set up a blog.

Creating / displaying recent post is not really hard. You can display the latest postings via a gadget that has been provided by bloggers, ie with the gadget feed.

But one of his shortcomings, we can not display more than 5 posts. Even so this gadget is still widely used by the bloggers.

Tutorial can be seen directly below.

  • Log in to blogger.
  • Select the Layout menu »Page Elements.
  • Click Add a Gadget  on the part you want. 
  • Select Feed gadgets.
  • After that, the Feed URL box will appear. Fill the box with the address of your blog feeds.
  • Replace red text with your blog name
  • Then click the Continue button.
  • Select the settings you see fit.
  • Save.
After that, your last postings will appear on your part that has been placed earlier.

Good luck!


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