Aug 30, 2010

How to improve your PageRank?

How to improve your blog's PageRank? Previously I've never written anything that pagerank and usefulness. As we know, PageRank is one of the factors determining the ranking of the google search results. This shows that the PageRank is important for your website.

For that, I'll write about ways that you can do to improve PageRank.

Actually there are only two ways you need to do to increase the PageRank of your website, namely:

Looking for lots of quality links directed to your website.
Backlink that you should look not just any links, but the link quality. Some things you need to consider to gain a quality link is as follows.

  • Is DoFollow links.
  • There is your main keyword.
  • Relevant / related to the topic of the page (keyword you have in the heading, title, and contents page).
  • Represents inline links (links within article)
  • Found on pages with high PR.

Keep updating your website.
Website / blog you should be continuously updated by adding the page / new posts regularly. For example, every two or three days you write a post on your blog and even better if you post an article every day. Google would prefer to keep updated with the blog.

Another very important and that is do not do copy-paste the article to your blog. Because it will result in duplicate content, and of course google does not like it.

That's two very important things in an effort to increase the PageRank of your website. So keep trying to get a lot of quality backlinks and diligent, industrious update your blog.

If you have to apply it well, eventually you'll get a blog and your PageRank will increase along with the efforts you make.


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