Aug 30, 2010

What's PageRank?

What is PageRank? Of course, already many who know about Google PageRank. For those who do not know, I'll explain a little about what PageRank and PageRank usefulness.

PageRank (PR) is a value / number given by Google to a website. Page rank is also included as part of SEO and is one important factor in determining the ranking of a website in google search results in addition to keyword optimization.

Pagerank values contained in the consist of 0-10. Then, determine how google pagerank of a website? Pagerank is determined by the number of links directed to your website. And certainly not at random link, but the link quality.

For that, you have to keep looking for a quality backlink to your site / blog. With the number of links directed to your blog, then you will gain some advantage.

1. Can increase PageRank
2. Can increase the traffic (number of visitors)
3. Popularize your website
4. And can increase your website position on search engines

High PageRank is necessary for your site / blog. But keyword optimization is also equally important in improving the ranking of your blog on google search results and other search engines. For that you need to read posts I've made about the article in the keyword optimization 5 Basic SEO Tips.

Well, now you already know what it is google pagerank and kegunannya. Now you need to know, namely how to increase PageRank of your blog. To find out, please see here.

Good luck!


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