Aug 23, 2010

Alternative Chats Shoutbox and Cbox

Shoutmix which are now widely used by Indonesian bloggers as chat widget now not like before anymore. Link function is used there can not arise, unless we log in and also if you use a premium service.

Some say the problem of error in this shoutmix only happens in Indonesia because of the many Indonesian bloggers who use these chat widgets. Maybe this is also because of frequent spam. But until now the cause is still unclear.
Responding to this, many of which replace the widget chattingnya with other services. Below are two pretty good chat widget and you can use as a substitute shoutmix. Although not as good as shoutmix, but at least chat activity can still be followed by including a link.

To be able to use the Cbox, you must register first. But take it easy, the registration does not take a long time and without account verification.
1. Visit the Cbox.
2. Select sign-up menus.
3. Complete all the requested data.
4. Check the papers I have read and ....
5. Click the Create my Cbox!
6. After that, you log in with your account earlier.
7. Then click Publish!
8. Finally, copy-paste the script into your blog.
SHOUTBOXUnlike Shoutmix and Cbox, the shoutbox you do not need to register.
1. Visit the Shoutbox.
2. Determine the width and height of the widget.
3. Copy-paste the script into your blog.
Regarding the tutorial to install the chat box above into your blog (blogger & wordpress) can be seen in post Post Box Chat with Shoutmix.

Good luck!


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