Aug 23, 2010

Submit a Website to Google Webmaster

You will be able to control your website. Because google webmasters have tools that can be used to check or monitor your website.

Google's webmaster is also not just for the web masters who are experts, but for beginners as well. Instead of existing tools in the webmaster can google the web to help beginners learn and improve weaknesses in their website.
So, to all bloggers should register a website to google webmasters too. Here's the tutorial.
  1. Visit the pages google webmaster.
  2. Sign in with your google account.
  3. Click the button to add a site to register your website.
  4. Enter your website url and click the continue button.
Now you have to do is verify your website. Verification is done to ensure that you are the owner of the website you registered. There are two verification methods that you can do, namely through meta tags and upload the HTML file.
# In Verification method, select the verification method you prefer.
# Follow the instructions.
If you use the method of meta tags, copy-paste the code below code
If using the HTML upload method, download the file verification is given. Then upload the HTML file to the web hosting you. Open the file in your browser. example:
# After that, click the verify button at the bottom imaginable.
# Done.


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