Aug 3, 2010

Upload File On Ziddu You Can Get Money an online medium to upload and download files. You do not need to pay to use this service.

Besides free, ziddu also includes a complete file hosting. You can use it to upload documents, videos, images, & music. Ziddu also allow Multiple Files Upload, ie upload 10 files at once.

There's another interesting thing from ziddu. Once you have ziddu account and upload a file, the file can be spread. Then you'll meghasilkan money worth $ 0001 each person downloading it. You'll be paid after reaching $ 10.

10 000 Unique Downloads: $ 10
50 000 Unique Downloads: $ 50
100 000 Unique Downloads: $ 100 USD
500 000 Unique Downloads: $ 500 USD
1000000 Unique Downloads: $ 1000 USD

Register now here. Once successfully registered in ziddu, log in with your email and password of your account ziddu. And start upload the files you want.


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