Aug 4, 2010

Using Guide Ziddu

Previously I've written a bit about Ziddu that can be used to upload files and can also generate money. Now I will explain further about using ziddu guidelines, how can you make money from the files you upload.
To be able to upload a file simply log in with your email and password ziddu. Then click the browse button. And after seeing the file to upload, click upload button.
Now that you've uploaded the file, and how people can find your file?
Once the file is successfully uploaded will display the download page link. Copy the link (beginning with http://). Then place it into the page of a site / blog link so that people can easily download your file. To more clearly see the example below.
For example links that appear on ziddu like this.

Copy the link and use the following format to display it on your website.

file name

In addition to downloads, you can also generate money through referral links from Ziddu. Referral Banners way is click the link in the bottom. Then select and copy the banner code of your choice. After that paste into your website pages.

Another way to use the referral link provided, such as the following example. = (yzWIb: BKS

Copy your referral link and advertised in classified ads for free. You can advertise in the classifieds site mine: or

To view your earnings, click on My Earnings.

Hopefully useful ....


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