Sep 2, 2010

5 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

With a good SEO optimization, rank your site or blog on google and other search engine could continue to rise. Many SEO tips that you can spend on your website. But for the beginner should first apply some basic tips on SEO (optimization keyword) follows.

  1. Determine the keywords that you think best fits your website theme
    The most important thing in determining the keywords for your site or blog is the presence of keywords related to the theme or content of your site. Also, do not repeat the same words in your keyword more than 3 times, because of the possibility of your blog will be considered spam. Example keyword: business guide, tutorial blog, tips for SEO
  2. Determine your website domain

    Use a catchy domain name by the crowd and in accordance with the theme of your website. Domain should contain your main keyword.Domain examples:
  3. Create a title (title) is unique on the front page
    The best title for your site or blog is the title that contains keywords from your website. For that, use your primary keyword in the title. Also use the appropriate title with the content of your website and do not use overly long title (preferably no more than 60 characters). Sample title: Guide to Business on the Internet, Blog Tutorial, Tips & Tricks
  4. Create a description (meta tags: "description") for your website

    In making a description, use some words that effective and relevant to your site or blog. Also use your main keyword. Sample description: Guide to do business with a blog, a blog discussing tips and tricks, tutorials, blogs, SEO tips, and ways to make money with blogs.
  5. Use keywords in your content

    Use your keywords effectively on heading, the contents of writing (especially the first 20 words), links, alt text, and filename.
That's 5 basic SEO tips that you need to apply to your site, before registering your site to search engines. The next step in Search Engine Optimization is to continually update your blog and find a lot of backlinks to your blog.

If you successfully do that, then your blog will quickly grow and position your blog on Search Engines, like Google will continue to rise.

To attach the keywords and description of your blog, see how to put the meta tags. Good luck this 5 basic SEO tips.


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