Sep 3, 2010

5 Ways to Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is taken based on traffic or visitors coming to your website / blog. And traffic data was taken from the Alexa toolbar installed on millions of computers around the world.

But not only that, alexa rank is also affected by several other factors. Following factors to improve alexa ranking.

A quick way to increase Alexa Rank
  1.   Find as many possible visitors.
  2.   Put the alexa widget on your website.
  3.   Put the Alexa toolbar on your web browser.
  4.   Create a post about alexa on your website.
  5.   Make your website as the homepage on your web browser.
Do five tips on how to increase the alexa rank. If you managed to do well, most likely alexa rank your website or blog will increase rapidly.


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