Sep 3, 2010

What's DoFollow and NoFollow?

Now a lot of bloggers who find DoFollow blogs, which will surely give a positive effect on their blogs. Then what was DoFollow and nofollow links as well as usefulness?

DoFollow or nofollow is an HTML attribute that indicates a link followed by search engines or not. DoFollow link means to allow search engines to follow links / links. Conversely, nofollow links do not allow search engines to follow.
Many blogs that display the slogan of the U Comment I Follow, like this blog. The slogan suggests that blogs are DoFollow. In other words, the link that we include each make comments on the blog post will be followed by / identified by google and other search engines.

So what benefits will you gain by obtaining DoFollow link to your website?

As I mentioned in a post about how to increase PageRank, DoFollow links are the main requirements that you must win in the search for a quality backlink. And it certainly will be influential in obtaining and improve google pagerank.

For those of you who want to gain or increase google pagerank, DoFollow link is very important. For that, try to find DoFollow links from blogs that certainly is a DoFollow blog like this blog.

Good luck!
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