Sep 3, 2010

Find Easy Tips Blog DoFollow Or Nofollow

Well, in this post I will provide ways that you can do to find a blog DoFollow or nofollow quickly and easily.

There are several ways you can do.
  1. First, in a way that is commonly used and can be applied in a browser anywhere, by displaying the page source.How:
* The first way, right click the page, then click "view page source".
* The second way, select the menu "view" at the top of the browser, click the "page source".
* The third way, press Ctrl U. botton
Customize with your web browser, any browser may be a bit different.

After that, find the link you want. Then, see the code like below.

or without the attribute "rel"

The above code shows that the link is DoFollow, whereas non DoFollow (nofollow) as below.

2. The second way, using firefox browser. There are three quick ways you can do with firefox.

* The first way, block selection of a link, then right click and click "view selection source".
In this way the same way above, but can accelerate your time.
* The second way, right click, then click "properties" and look like the following view.
The third way, by using the Add-ons Firefox NoDoFollow.

Download it here!

First, install the Add-Ons NoDoFollow, then right click and click "NoDoFollow", it will show different colors between the DoFollow and nofollow links.


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