Sep 2, 2010

What is a breadcrumb navigation?

How to create breadcrumb navigation in blogger. Breadcrumb navigation is a collection of some links / links that allow you to discover the basic pages of the article you are now reading.The link shown here is a link where your articles are, or may be called as the location of your articles. Breadcrumb navigation is usually placed on the title of the article / posting. See the following examples of breadcrumb navigation.

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There are three benefits / usefulness of breadcrumb navigation, which are:

* Beautify the look of pages / articles.
* Make it easy for visitors to browse the blog.
* Optimize the pages in search engines (search engines).

The most important of three of the above of course is "optimize your pages in search engines" or often referred to as SEO. For those who do not know about SEO, please refer to the article what is SEO.Breadcrumb navigation may not be as important as keywords in SEO. But clearly this breadcrumb navigation is one of the factors of SEO. So, a little number also affects the position of your blog on search engines, especially google.


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