Sep 2, 2010

How to Register Website / Blog to the Search Engine?

How to register your site to Search Engines. Sign up for a site to search engines is very important. This is useful for SEO you are doing. Because the SEO itself is intended to optimize your website on search engines.
As we know, google search engine is the most widely used today. However, in addition to registering your site / blog link to google, you also need to register it to some other search engines that also is well known.
Search engines other than Google's, Yahoo, among others, Bing, and AOL Search. How to register a website to search engines will be discussed one by one below.
Before registering your website to search engines, you should first make a few posts. Also apply basic SEO tips. You have to do this so that your site is acceptable in the search engines.

1. Visit
2. Enter the address / url of your website (http:// do not forget it).
3. Type the code that appears.
4. Click the Add button URL.

Yahoo (needs registration)
1. Visit
2. Click on "Submit a Website or Webpage."
3. Enter your website URL in the box provided.
4. Click the Submit button URL.

1. Visit
2. Write an anti-spam code that appears.
3. Type the URL of your site (with http://).
4. Click the Submit button URL.

AOL Search
1. Visit
2. Click on "Add New Link" in the left sidebar.
3. Type your website URL and labels.
4. Click the Add button.
Some other search engines will also be added to this tutorial. For the moment it is enough just the way the list of sites to search engines.


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